Monday, May 31, 2010

The Google Doodles: return on a phenomenon

Since 1998, six letters and four colors represent the sober home page, but sometimes the greatest happiness of the Internet, the homepage disguises!

These logos alternative called "doodles" are replaced on time a logo was designed originally by Sergey Brin , one of the co-founders of the company. Having lost its exclamation point, Google has offered a stable image of 1999-2010 and then revived his colors last May 5 for a brand new logo.

From English "scribbling" and proximity to noise (for a paronomasia fussy), we chose the name "doodles" to celebrate national holidays, the birthdays of characters illustrate, or global events like the Olympics or next World Cup 2010. A Christmas or Easter, they add humor and gaiety to the home page of the search engine.

Who should be the doodles?

For nearly 10 years, Dennis Hwang is the principal designer doodles. On 14 July 2000 was her first film to celebrate the storming of the Bastille is the French national holiday.

His techniques are ultra-simple: play on letters, colors, shapes or offer a whole new background. In total, nearly 150 of his drawings that have been posted on the homepage search engine website .

If Dennis Hwang is the king of Google Doodle, it is not the only Scott Adams is the origin of the week Dilbert (from 20 to 24 May 2002, four logos of Google just changed, which were drawn under Dilbert characters and logo appearing as the representative on the last day). And there is now a whole team dedicated to the production of doodles or a thousand since the emergence of the idea in 1999. All these doodles are available on the page dedicated to logos .

Google wants to prove his love for innovation and creativity with some nice doodles on this blog even allows users to bring their suggestions both on the celebrations to emphasize that the designs of logos, to this just write to the following address:

But the latest action was a resounding success, beyond all expectations to the point that Google has created a page dedicated to the famous Pacman . Clicking on "Insert coins, and playing the keyboard or the arrow, you can chew the gum and avoid pac little ghosts.

A success for this Google doodle up to the 30th anniversary of the famous game nippon!

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