Monday, May 31, 2010

GeForce 257.15 beta drivers no longer block PhysX on ATI

Paradigm shift or just temporary forgetfulness? Several sites are the echo of a change in the level of beta 257.15 drivers released this week by NVIDIA. These would replace because of the possibility of using a GeForce to perform PhysX calculations since a graphics card brand competitor, AMD, is present in the machine.

Recall that initially was a PhysX technology developed by Ageia, which was the subject of expansion cards dedicated operating whatever the manufacturer of the graphics card used at his side.

A few months after buying Ageia, NVIDIA has terminated this independence by restricting from pilots GeForce 186, the possibility of using a Radeon PhysX therefore was present, even if it were a simple integrated graphics controller. The news was so aroused some discontent among the players.

On, a user called Regeneration states have managed to restore this functionality by using the beta 257.15 drivers of the future, which confirms the German site TweakPC, video support. It remains to see if it is a simple hitch due to the temporary nature of this test version, or if NVIDIA has decided to change tack.

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