Thursday, April 15, 2010

Toshiba Tecra M11 Laptop

Laptop Toshiba Tecra M11 is equipped with 14-inch screen with a resolution 1366h768 pixels and LED backlight. Inside the notebook is the processor Intel Core i3 or i5 with clock speeds ranging from 2.13 to 2.4 gigahertz.

In the standard RAM Toshiba Tecra M11 is two gigabytes. Most of the laptop you can install up to eight gigabytes of memory. Winchester in the laptop may be installed a maximum capacity of 320 gigabytes, or replaced by a 128-gigabyte SSD-drive.

For work with graphics in the Tecra M11 meets the integrated solution Intel. More adjusted by models - discrete graphics card Nvidia NVS 2100M. Inside the notebook there are modules Wi-Fi, Bluetooth. Open the computer operating system Windows 7 Professional. In the basic configuration Toshiba Tecra M11 will cost $ 900.

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