Thursday, April 15, 2010

Intel announces the Light Peak in 2011

At the Intel Developer Forum 2009, the U.S. manufacturer had presented the Light Peak , a new technology to transfer data between two devices using optical fiber.

The main advantage lies in the Light Peak transfer rate announced, consisting of 10 gigabits per second, twice the USB 3.0. The technology is also capable of handling multiple standards such as Firewire, DisplayPort, USB, Ethernet or SATA: its use would therefore drastically reduce the number of cables used on computers, both externally only internally.

Intel announced yesterday at the 2010 edition of the IDF, that the Light Peak will be available next year on the market. The manufacturer's listing as an alternative to USB 3.0, but nourishes ambitions more consistent with his new baby: "We see the Light Peak as the logical successor future of USB 3.0," said Kevin Kahn, one leaders of society. "We would like to offer the latter type of cable you have to use.

But before the Light Peak dominates the world, we'll have to update, hardware ..

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