Thursday, April 15, 2010

Google expands its search in the archives of Twitter

Having launched its search service in real time - the answer page in addition a continuous flow from Facebook, MySpace and Twitter - Google now offers a search function in the archives of Twitter. This new feature in the form of time-scale evolution of messages posted on Twitter, with a statistical indication as blue bars.

For the Google Blog , this feature is justified by "constant conversation" that exists with blog services and micro-blogging. "Starting today, you can zoom into any point in time and review what people were saying publicly about a Twitter." The function should be deployed on all English versions of the engine search in two days, and should appear later in other languages. Google did not specify any date, but provided a link to test the service.

The interest of the service? Google explains by example: "You want to know what people were posting during your marathon?" The service will be available in the search options tab Updates released for display in real time recently. A table will appear, which will choose a search term, and the extent of the time scale: two days, the last month or last year. Google allows for instant back to February 11, 2010, but announced the upcoming availability of the archives until March 21, 2006, the date of first tweet Jack Dorsey, Twitter co-founder: "just setting up my twttr."

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