Sunday, September 18, 2011

Playbook BlackBerry OS 2.0 will be revealed next month

The Canadian manufacturer Research In Motion continued development of the operating system's playbook with a new version unveiled in a few weeks.

Certainly, with 200,000 in sales during the second quarter of the success of the playbook is mixed compared to tablets Android and the iPad. However, RIM does not follow the radical strategy of HP and the continuing development of its QNX embedded in the playbook. While presenting the financial results of the company, Jim Balsillie announced a major upgrade for the BlackBerry Tablet OS v2.

This new version will indeed be presented next month at the top of the DevCon and available shortly thereafter. Among the new features mobile users will have finally a manager native email, calendar and address book, after all the applications that would have been welcome in the first version of a Tablet targeting professionals. As expected we also find a player to run Android applications.

The co-CEO Mike Lazaridis has also announced that the company would introduce several promotional programs to reduce the selling price of the playbook. In addition, RIM intends to conquer the business probably offers group purchasing as well as promotions for existing clients.

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