Sunday, September 18, 2011

Google API + begins to take shape

Three months after the launch of Google +, engineers shed light on the early programming interfaces.

Google announces indeed the availability of APIs that remain, however, somewhat limited at present. Specifically, they allow to retrieve data directly public posted on the new community network. The developer will be able to access information from the user profile (name, avatar, URL, birthday, location ...), as well as public updates.

Google has made available various libraries for several languages: Java, GWT, Python, Ruby, PHP, Objective-C. NET and. Applications that access the profile of the user will have the authentication method secure OAuth 2.0. Chris Chabot, in charge of developer relations, said: "We want everyone of you who are developing applications can include advanced methods of sharing, profile information as well as conversations within your application." Google promises while other APIs will be published later in order to access other content, including updates private.

Eventually it should be possible to manage their Google Account + within an aggregator of social networks like Tweetdeck, take advantage of contacts in another online service, or even ship the instant messaging tools in third party service.

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