Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Facebook activates the default recognition of faces: how to disable it?

Confidentially, Facebook has changed a few days ago the privacy settings of social network users to activate the default facial recognition in photos. You said confidentiality?

The face recognition feature is available since last year in the U.S.: When a user sends a photo to Facebook, the service compares to other clich├ęs Tagged, and if it recognizes a person, it suggests the visitor to identify him. One method that has recently been deployed in other countries.

The publisher Sophos was the first, put his finger on the fact that the arrival of this feature in other countries has led to a change privacy settings accounts, leading to activation of the default facial recognition for all users. "There are billions of photos on Facebook, and when your friends are going to upload new photos, the site will attempt to determine if some of them like you. And if so, it will suggest to your friends to tagg with your name. " Of course, the end user's hand remains on the possibility or not to put a name on a photograph, but the fact that the social network may automatically offers to push its members to move more easily to act within the framework a manual process, perhaps at the expense of privacy, especially since Facebook still does not offer the opportunity to approve or not a tag before going online.

Users wishing to disable this function can do so by going to Account Settings , in the "What others share" and then in the "Tip of friends photos where I appear." Then just disable the option, which is actually enabled by default.

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