Friday, June 4, 2010

Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit : Now phone can be recharged from a bicycle

The range of mobile phones available today to the user, is striking. Among them there are even racing androids , as well as phone numbers, threatening to "kill" the camera . But bad luck - should go on a long bike ride, as you risk to remain without any contact from the fact that the phone battery will sit. Soon this inconvenience will be forgotten, as the company Nokia has developed a device that allows you to charge your phone while riding a bicycle.

It is called a cycle charging from Finland Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit. It is an environmentally clean source of energy for mobile phones, and most importantly - free! It charges the phone this thing is no worse than the usual network charger.

How does it work? In fact, quite simple. Something like we saw in physics lessons at school: the dynamo converts the energy from the rotation of the wheels into electricity. Naturally, in the case of Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit whole structure (generator, transforming the energy) is compact and hides in a stylish package.

Fits Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit handlebar. At the same device provides a special attachment for your phone, where it is installed and connected to the generator via a standard connector for the charger.

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