Saturday, June 5, 2010

HyDrive Hitachi offers a combined Blu-ray and SSD

Hitachi, which in the field of storage works with LG, presented this week at Computex the first copy of a Blu-ray notebook chips integrating Flash, in the manner of a DSS. Thus, it provides within a single component of an optical drive and a storage space on which to install the operating system on his machine. At the system level, both are recognized as being independent, and thus saves space for the integration of a hard drive or an SSD. On this model called HyDrive Hitachi LG uses a controller Indilinx, associated with 32 or 64GB Flash memory, in a drive of 12.5 mm thick. Ingenious, even if we would have preferred a more peripheral end of history to brighten netbooks and other ultraportables.

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