Monday, April 19, 2010

Twitter launches its advertising platform Promoted Tweets

Twitter launches its advertising platform, will begin his path Promoted Tweets with tweets "sponsored" search results in Twitter.

Companies will thus be able to buy keywords, like Google Adwords, which will be charged at CPM. Starbucks, Virgin America, Best Buy and Bravo will be the first customers for this service which will, according to Dick Costolo (Chief Operating Officer at Twitter) "improve communication that companies have with their customers."

Soon, the offer will be supplemented by a system of evaluation of effectiveness based on 9 criteria. Thus, if a sponsored tweet did not really resonate it will lose its status of "Promoted tweet" and disappear in the timeline with all messages "human".

If the service is paid, will also include Twitter tweets sponsored in the timeline of its users. Thus, users will appear on Twitter, and their customers, sponsored tweets without having done research. Just hope that this incorporation into the timelines is really relevant to the user ...

Based on the same model as Google Adwords and service, Twitter seems on track to successfully monetize its audience and not be (constantly) a victim of its success.

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