Monday, April 19, 2010

Google wants to get rid of Chrome http://

A version of Google Chrome browser available to developers, wants to make a symbolic change in the way we look at the Internet every day. Since the http:// means neither more nor less than a web address will follow, and since everyone is more or less aware, the Google developers have decided to hide.

This is not an actual deletion, because the http:// is simply invisible to the user. For the record, this new feature has been first reported as a bug in the comments of wiki dedicated to Chromium , the open source project at the base of the browser.

This change had to happen sooner or later by Thom Holwerda of OSNews , "because the computer is to get rid of the complex a long time." But the early returns from developers who were able to test this browser version is mixed. What are the other protocols? The ftp, https, for example? For Google, the solution is simple: they will continue to be displayed.

Another problem, this functionality has not been discussed with other major players in the web, and a unilateral move by Google could bring to the complexity if other browsers do not follow. Many software (instant messaging, blogs, forums, for example) are able to automatically follow a link based on correspondence with the full address. If this feature was not implemented anywhere, it could lead users to omit the http://, "which would have a negative impact on the usability of the web," said a commentator on the wiki Chromium.

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