Saturday, April 17, 2010

A trojan threatens to reveal browsing history porn

A Trojan horse type ransomware rampant in Japan. The trojan is called Kenzero a kind of hostage threatening to publish the browsing history from those who download porn videos and pirated games via the Winny P2P software. If the user does not want his love life exposed for all to see, he must pay a ransom.

The British television network BBC has revealed the existence of malware, explaining that the program uses the traditional method of phishing. A magnifying glass, a window installation of a game requires the user to enter personal information. The trojan then published on a website browsing history of the user.

The malware is clearly the people downloading hentai (Japanese anime porn) as a surfer caught in the trap receives an e-mail warning that he was caught in flagrante delicto. The message then offered to pay the sum of 1,500 yen (less than 12 euros) to off-line browsing history. 5,500 people would have already been taken by this trojan ...

However, the technique is known as the classical goal is to get the number of Internet credit card a bit too candid. The question is whether we can already call this small threat.

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