Saturday, April 17, 2010

Microsoft releases the final version of Silverlight 4.0

As expected, Microsoft has posted the final version of Silverlight 4.0, latest version of its rendering plugin for rich Internet applications within the Web browser.

Firmly focused on multimedia, this version 4.0 introduces, among other innovations, support H264 video in high definition, management of multipoint touchscreens or interactions with devices like a webcam or microphone. Can also operate outside the browser, Silverlight 4.0 also sign support, offline, content protected by DRM Play Ready.

Today, Microsoft claims to have acquired a penetration rate of around 60% of the park of computers connected to the Internet. A score that the editor of Redmond hopes to increase due to expanded support for new browsers like Google Chrome.

On Windows, we can therefore take advantage of Silverlight 4.0 with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome 4.0. On the side of Mac OS X, the technology is limited to Firefox and Safari, only on machines with Intel chips. For Linux finally, we must turn to Moonlight 2.0 , an open source port achieved under the leadership of Miguel de Icaza, with support from Novell.

Alongside the online runtime for end customers, Microsoft has released a plug-in dedicated to its Visual Studio development suite, including the 2010 version is officially released earlier this week.

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