Wednesday, April 16, 2014

BitTorrent Sync sign with Netgear and formalize the management of NAS

BitTorrent developers announced that it is now possible to use the client to synchronize directly with a NAS and especially those NetGear.

Unlike storage solutions and traditional synchronization, Dropbox or OneCloud type, open source BitTorrent Sync utility does not rely on a central server. Via a secure encryption AES-256 connection is made directly in peer-to-peer communication between multiple machines.

Currently, BitTorrent Sync is available on Windows, OS X or Linux as well as iOS and Android. Memory, a version is currently under development on Windows Phone. For synchronization to be effective, however, will require that the computer from which you want to access files or constantly lit ... unless it does a media server ... in which case the problem does not arise.

At PRISM, network drives have the wind in their sails and, via its official blog, BitTorrent announced it has signed a partnership with the specialist in the field NetGear. The utility BitTorrent Sync is thus proposed as an extension on the official website Ready NAS and can be installed on servers with version 6 of the internal firmware. Among the compatible models, we find:

  • ReadyNAS 102;
  • ReadyNAS 104;
  • ReadyNAS 312;
  • ReadyNAS 314;
  • ReadyNAS 316;
  • ReadyNAS 516;
  • ReadyNAS 716X;
  • ReadyNAS 2120;
  • ReadyNAS 3220;
  • ReadyNAS 4220.

Note in passing that BitTorrent Sync can also be installed on the Synology NAS. To do this it is sufficient to activate the directories created by the community in third-party sources of package managers. The team BitTorrent Sync adds that other partnerships will be announced later. The thus imagine that Synology should officially be part of.

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