Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Amazon dream to facilitate online payment

Certainly Amazon is positioned on all fronts and the cyber merchant would reveal his own method of payment.

Amazon company she positioned about the online payment? Judging by an interview of Re / magazine Code, the giant online consumption could offer an alternative to Paypal or mechanisms put in place by the editors of bank cards such as Visa.

For the founder and CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos, payment online would become a priority to change the site according to some sources. These statements have been confirmed by the director of the division Amazon Payments Tom Taylor. "Jeff told us that this is something that we must succeed," said the man.

Amazon says Mr. Taylor looks closely the phenomenon of crypto-currency such as Bitcoin. However, the company does not believe that this is a particularly strong demand from its wide consumer base. It recognizes that a single currency has certain advantages but Amazon seems to remain more down-to-earth and wants to solve other types of problems such as exchange rates internationally.

Tom Taylor added: "I think we can offer a better solution Amex and Visa and if it made ​​customer service then this is something that we would (...) but it would have to be much better."

Other sources report that there is truly only a matter of time before the cyber merchant unveils ambitious new project for its own payment system current online.

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