Wednesday, June 2, 2010

SanDisk updates and double the capacity of its SSD

The specialist in small flash memory (memory card, USB) yesterday announced the renewal of its families of SSD. The manufacturer has actually benefited from Computex to announce the new SSD Notebook Series G4, and new miniatures for mini-notebooks and tablets of the P4 series.
The SanDisk SSD G4 promise to double the capacity and performance improvements over their predecessors G3 Series , launched earlier this year. By relying on MLC chips etched 32 nm, they offer a capacity ranging from 64 to 256 GB of fast reading and writing sequential respective 220 and 160 Mb / s (against respectively 220 and 120 Mb / s with the G3).

A proprietary technology, based on an algorithm by pages, it promises for improved random write performance. SanDisk also guarantees a long life for example to include the model of a total capacity of 160 TB over the re-entries, a lifetime of more than 10 years on the basis of 4 GB per day . These SSDs finally arise as a 2.5-inch disk format and adopt a Serial ATA 3 Gbps.

The SanDisk SSD P4 is destined for their parts in mini-notebooks and tablet, or even all kinds of devices such as media players lounge, adopting the interface MSAT. The model most miniaturized does actually measures only 30 x 26.8 x 3.4 mm. Their capacities range from 8 to 128 GB for performance not supplied.

The new SanDisk SSD is now reserved for system integrators or timing of marketing or selling price to the general public have thus far been reported.

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