Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A DVD drive for notebook hybrid integrating a DSS LG-Hitachi

Failing to compete directly with field specialists, manufacturers of storage media historical explore new horizons. Hitachi-LG and benefits of Computex, which is being held in Taipei (Taiwan), to announce an optical unit called "hybrid", carrying a DSS. Still at the conceptual stage, the HyDrive (presumably hybrid drive) is available as a multiformat DVD burner for laptop, equipped with a SSD of 32 or 64 GB

This can for example host operating system and computer applications that will benefit most from reduced access time and transfer rate of flash memory, while the personal data, for which performance is less critical, will be stored on a conventional hard disk drive of greater capacity. The precise specification of the DSS party have for the moment not been revealed. The optical part for its promise of a system error correction much more tolerant than average, allowing the playback of media heavily damaged.

A conventional portable computer, having space for fine optical unit and a location 2.5 inches, and can handle three types of storage media: magnetic, optical and flash memory.

The LG-Hitachi HyDrive should be launched in September for a retail price not given.

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