Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nokia N8 180% faster

To some it may seem that the Finnish Nokia losing ground in the mobile market Koreans. However, it is not. The recently announced Finnish mobile revolution is just proof. Not to mention the smartphone, which will make it . If someone is not guessed, it was a 12-megapixel flagship Finnish N8 . On his way, already available to order, and craftsmen launched at a couple of novelty test.
Productivity Smartphone tested using test Speedy Go!. In the end it turned out that the new flagship of Nokia's 180 percent faster than Nokia N97, and a 54 percent faster than the Samsung Omnia HD.

Even more impressive results Smartphone Nokia N8 demonstrated when the graphics accelerator. In this case, the new Nokia N97 ahead of more than 200 percent! It is equally fast as the latest Nokia smartphone and demonstrated in the test FPC Bench 3D, which gave the best possible result - 60 frames per second.

And now the most interesting - the start of sales of Nokia N8. The manufacturer emphasizes that stores N8 appears in the third quarter for a suggested retail price of 370 euros. At the same time the German unit of the online store Amazon has already begun to take pre-orders for smartphone Nokia N8. True, the Germans asked for a novelty to 100 euros more - 470 euros.

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