Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mobile phones and brain cancer - no connection

Mobile phones cause concerns among physicians since its inception. And is not whether this thing is a threat to human health? While scientists have studied this issue, the French authorities seriously thinking about banning cell phones in schools, and the web began to appear lists the most dangerous to the health of phones . However, as it turned out, all this in vain - the scientists found that users run the risk of cell phones along with other people.

The more profitable the new study differs from previous ones, is the scale. It swept 13 countries, supervised the UN, and participation in it had 13,000 people. The result was disappointing for critics of cell phones, and happy for the supporters - those people that talk on a cell phone, health risk no greater than those that ignore this method of communication.

However, some facts that guard, the study is. For example, it was found that a tenth of users of mobile phones by 40 percent higher risk of glioma (cancerous brain tumor). Those most at risk are the part of the head, which is often in contact with the phone. The use of wireless devices brings a deleterious effect on there, because even at 10 centimeters from head level of exposure to waves emanating from the phone, declining to almost zero.

Researchers, in turn, emphasize that to make a final conclusion on the impact of mobile phones on health, yet. The fact that brain tumors develop very slowly. For example, tumors may be required for the formation of a quarter century. So long as the point in this matter set early.

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