Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mozilla also wants his Web Store

While Google has just announced the imminent opening of a gallery of web applications and online games, the Mozilla Foundation seems to offer its own solution. Like Chrome Web Store, which will come in the form of a home page by default Mozilla says: "Web developers show interest in a model shop for the web that they can be paid for their work.

Mozilla says its analysis of the subject and have drawn the outline founders. Thus only hosted applications written in HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, or based on other standards should be accepted, and this, in order to avoid problems of interoperability. In addition, the catalog should be accessible from any browser, including mobile devices. The "webothèque" Mozilla does so by simply confine to Firefox.

Like the gallery extensions, Mozilla also plans to include the views of users to make it easier for the user to evaluate the quality of an application. Finally the last will of course respect the privacy of the user and be accessible to all.

The foundation encourages the community to reflect on the topic and probably should start a contest to collect all good ideas. Of course the launch of a web gallery could also be a way for Mozilla to collect a commission on sales of applications in exchange for visibility. For now the agreement with Google remains the main source of income of the foundation ... No one knows if the two sides will renew their contract after it expires in 2011.

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