Wednesday, May 19, 2010

BFG graphics cards stop

Exclusive partner of NVIDIA in this area, the American BFG Tech has announced its withdrawal from the market of graphics cards. The manufacturer guarantees its customers that after-sales service will be provided on products already marketed. Other product lines developed by the brand power supplies and laptop computers, will be maintained.

"After eight years ago to provide innovative graphics and quality to the market, we regret to say that this product is no longer profitable for us," said in a statement John Slevin, president of BFG Technologies.

BFG, which graphics cards were only distributed in France, has rapidly developed its brand image, particularly among public players, offering customized templates, guarantees a very long time, and some commercial operations rebranded. In late 2008, the brand had such offered free replacement of an AGP graphics card with its equivalent in PCI-Express.

It remains to know the reasons for the failure to return raised by the firm. Frequent delays Fermi architecture, the low availability of chips and the margins provided by NVIDIA partners there are probably not unrelated. The rumor that BFG could switch on the side of AMD cards / ATI - as did XFX early 2009 - had also been mentioned several times in recent weeks.

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