Sunday, April 11, 2010

The iPad costs 260 dollars in hardware

Barely out the iPad, scholars have sought to assess its real cost from the selling price. The site iSuppli has dissected the latest in the Apple lineup for estimating the cost of each component. Result, the touch pad would cost twice cheaper than the price at which it is sold in stores, or $ 499 in its basic version.

Already in February, iSuppli had estimated the cost of the iPad around 219.35 dollars. This time, the observations of the site show that the tablet would cost just 259.60 dollars for the 16GB version A closer look, the most expensive component proves to be the screen of 9.7 inches estimated at $ 95, following Flash storage 29.50 dollars. The next processor manufactured by Samsung estimated at 26.80 dollars and aluminum hull color $ 10.50.

If you do the math, the cost of all materials is 52% of the selling price of the iPad 16GB version for the 64GB version to $ 699 is sold, it is estimated at 348.10 dollars. A difference that is reminiscent of the estimated cost iPhone 3Gs costing 128 euros to the company Apple and charged around 599 euros ...

However, these costs "estimated" does not reflect the number of parameters that come into play in the development and dissemination of a product. So add development costs, assembly costs, distribution and marketing, R & D, transportation, taxes ... and the price should not approach from that which it is proposed. As such, iSuppli speculated that 40% of the cost of the iPad would be associated with improvements of the touch screen and "components affecting the user interface. An argument which has apparently no price for Apple.

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