Saturday, May 29, 2010

Samsung transparent TV

Transparent gadgets on the market until a bit, but the main thing that they are already out there. For example, a phone with a transparent keyboard and mobile phone with a transparent screen . A more transparent should be the computer of the future versions of Microsoft Corporation . Replenished the ranks of these unusual devices and a large transparent screen of Samsung.

This is no joke. The new screen is Samsung's really transparent, to be precise - translucent. If you put a number of glass - the difference will be obvious. Although, if you imagine the future, it is likely that these TVs will be able to replace the windows.

However, for the installation of such panels in the windows, the technology has yet to be finalized. First, the value of transparency of the prototype is 30 percent, which the bright sun lovers will clearly be enough. Secondly, the diagonal provided panel is 19 inches, and is the maximum for today. It turns out, some prison window, but no bars.

Koreans take a sober look at things and are aware of these disadvantages. So what about the commercial release of such models, while no such question. But the producer admits the technology perspective and does not intend to abandon it.

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