Friday, April 17, 2009

LG GW610 communicator leaked

The official announcement of this model is yet to come. Site Wi-Fi Alliance details about the device is very small. Although there pointed out that the dual Smartphone (Communicator). It is anticipated that the new is running Windows mobile operating system and supports the mobile communication standard UMTS. Perhaps, LG GW610 is equipped with 2-MP camera, and, of course, Wi-Fi-module (if not certified by the organization). This communicator (or smartphone), most likely, will go on sale this year.

LG GW610 making it the second handset from LG’s GW line right after the GW520 Calisto. The next LG GW610 cell phone is dual-mode cell phone and a Windows phone. Moreover, according to the info found on LG’s website, the GW610 has a square 320 x 320 pixels display, a 2MP camera and UMTS connectivity (probably HSDPA too).

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