Sunday, April 26, 2009

Google Product Search now available on iPhone, Android

If you use Google Product Search on a regular basis and have an Android smartphone or an iPhone, you should be happy to find out that the feature is now available for both mobile platforms.

According to Google, Product Search for mobile provides users with the same product info that they would get via their PC or laptop. So when you’re in a store, buying something, you can quickly search the Web for additional info about the products you’re interested in.

To use Google Product Search for mobile you don’t have to download anything – just point your Android or iPhone browser to, tap on the “more” tab and then on the “shopping” tab.

you can now get all of this information right there on the spot. Just take out your phone, go to in your browser, and try out Google Product Search for mobile. From, type in a query and then tap on the "shopping" link that appears in the search results. Or, tap on the "more" tab and then "shopping" to get to Product Search directly.

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