Saturday, March 21, 2009

Autonet 3G wireless router designed to be used in vehicles

Autonet is actually a 3G wireless router that was specially designed to be used in vehicles. Wi-Fi hot spot that allows everyone in the car to connect multiple devices to the internet, in and around the car! it’s the next step in in-car entertainment and productvity. we make internet in your car easier than ever because we provide both the in-car router and the monthly service. our affordable monthly service plans start at only $29 per month.

Now you can go online and IM and connect with your friends on social networks, email and surf the web on their laptops, play online games on their PSPs, and even stream internet radio on wifi mp3 players! It’s the coolest thing because any wifi enabled device will work.

Not only can you enjoy all the entertainment that the internet has to offer, but also all of the productivity too. contractors can make their jobsite a hotspot, mobile professionals can file sales reports, or change real estate listings while on the road.

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